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Before starting to explore some goal examples, we would like to give you some more ideas about how OKR will be set. Let’s take a look at the formula that John Doerr brought to Google below:
I will (Objective name) as measured by (a set of Key Results).
Other can understand in another way.

Objective - Where do you want to go?

Key Results - How do you get there?

Tips to write an Objective:

- Objective looks like a Strategic name, a Title, a Headline for a group of the quantitative Key Results.

- An Objective is what you want achieve at the end of the journey.

- It is a name which is quantitative.

Tips to write a Key Result:

- This element will show the progress or tell us how we will know if we have achieved the goal.

- Key results may be a quantitative milestone or a metric type of measurement.

Best practices:

- 3-4 Objectives max per level (Company/Team/Individuals).

- 3-5 Key Results maximum per Objective.


Objective: Grow our business

KR1: Reach our sale target of $100 Mil.

KR2: Double our year-to-year sale growth in SEA.

KR3: Increase the average deal size by 25% with up sells.

KR4: Reduce churn to less than 4% via Customer Success.

Objective: Increase Internal employee engagement

KR1: Conduct 3 monthly "Friday Sharing" all-hand meeting with inspiration speaker.

KR2: Interview 50 employees on their opinion to improving our working environment.

KR3: Implement our Goalify software in all our 58 team members.

Objective: Successfully launch our 3rd product line.

KR1: Get over 5,000 product sales.

KR2: Get review by 50 professional KOL.

KR3: Win the best product of the Year.

Objective: Delight our customers

KR1: Interview 50 customers per month and collect the feedback.

KR2: Increase the customer retention to 90%.

KR3: Achieve 70% of WAU of the products.


Objective: Increase the marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

KR1: Generate 150 MQLs from email marketing.

KR2: Generate 100 MQLs from webinar.

KR3: Generate 50 MQLs from organic searches.

KR4: Generate 10- MQLs via partner channel.

Objective: Optimize our Customer Acquisition

KR1: Improve our new marketing automation process.

KR2: Reduce the cost acquisition per user to 10 USD per one.

KR3: Build the sheet to track record and estimate the ROI.

Objective: Improve our SEO ranking

KR1: Get new ten inbound links from relevant website.

KR2: Improve loading speed.

KR3: Improve page optimization.

Objective: Improve our PPC campaign

KR1: Get 150 MQLs from Google AdWords.

KR2: Ensure a Cost per Lead of $4 or less.

KR3: Ensure a 2% CTR.


Objective: Reach the highest revenues while developing profitability

KR1: Achieve quarterly revenue of over $50.000.

KR2: Begin to purchase in 2 new markets on 2 countries and get first quarter revenues over $50.000.

KR3: Develop net profit % margin from 50% to 60%.

Objective: Kick sales process activity through indicator improvements

KR1: Increase calls of telesales to 4000 per quarter.

KR2: At least 23% of online signup achieved through calling them to come back.

KR3: Each of salespersons works at least 84 hours per month on support by chatting, calling and meeting.

Objective: Expand revenue footprint in Asia

KR1: Hire 7 channel partners in key geographies.

KR2: Create and guide 1 new compensation plan for Asia Sales team.

KR3: Translate company's website to 5 Asia languages.


Objective: Increase fresh capital for required development

KR1: Meet each of the department head to find out solution to attract new investor (5 departments).

KR2: Plan out 5 strategies to collect capital from fresh investors.

KR3: Finalize business line budget proposals by the end of Q3.

KR4: Finish collecting fresh budget by July 30th.

Objective: Budget yearly process

KR1: Set up meeting with each of department head to create solutions about the new collecting budget process (5 departments).

KR2: Analyze and review every fresh budget process before mid - Q3.

KR3: Finish the final budget by July 30th.

Objective: Automate financial processes for scale

KR1: Replace the old software with a new cloud - based financial software by September 1st.

KR2: Reduce time to close by 60%.

KR3: Train 90% of the staff about direction of a new financial software.


Objective: Launch a new product successfully

KR1: Attract organic 100.000 views to usage videos on social media within the first 3 months.

KR2: Set up 3 training sessions on this new product for Marketing & Sales.

KR3: Assist Product Marketing in reviewing their technical documents by August 30th.

Objective: Research, analyze & understand what our users and non-users really think

KR1: Product team interviews 30 external team leaders (non-users).

KR2: Design team handles 20 web-based user testing sessions on new and old users.

KR3: Support team conducts 50 phone interviews with churned accounts.

Objective: Improve this product new version for 2018

KR1: Collect initial feedbacks of 50 prospective customers by interviewing.

KR2: Reach internal feedback score of 10/10 from the Sales - Marketing team.

KR3: Achieve usability score 7/10 on UX mockups from 30 prospective customers.

KR4: Specify 7 elements in UX mockups to develop product’s usage engagement.


Objective: Increase employee's productivity

KR1: Reduce wasting hour to less than 5% of working hour.

KR2: Reduce overlapping work between each department to 30% by using Goalify.

KR3: Give rewards to 3 best employees each month.

KR4: Conduct the Goalify user training every 2 weeks (26 sessions/year).

Objective: Improve the retention rate

KR1: Conduct the survey about difficulties when working every week with 100% employee.

KR2: Conduct the employee feedback survey every 2 month (6 times/year).

KR3: Raise the day-off with salary from 12 to 16 days each year.

KR4: Offer higher position to 5 best employees each 6 months every year (2 times/year).

Objective: Reduce the recruitment cost

KR1: Reduce the cost of advertisement by 75% compared to last year.

KR2: Apply Skype when interviewing remote candidate to 100% interview.

KR3: Send 2 mails to appropriate candidates (50 persons/position) each week.

KR4: Reduce the turnover rate to 10%.

KR5: Raise the benefit for recruiters who recruit people that stay more than a year to 10% of the year salary.

Objective: Increase Satisfaction rate

KR1: Apply Goalify to all the departments (5 departments).

KR2: Conduct 4 3-month weekly Yoga classes for employees.

KR3: Interview 50% of the employee to figure out their need when working.

KR4: Conduct Company Culture training every week (52 sessions/year).


Objective: Simplify the internal document management

KR1: Create every team's directory structure for documents by September 1st.

KR2: Reduce 75% of the time in processing documents.

KR3: Choose and launch new documents sharing platform by August 1st.

Objective: Improve company's document and information management procedures

KR1: Apply a better system for tracking incoming requests by September 1st.

KR2: Introduce and remind all staff about new important information and rules weekly.

KR3: Collect feedbacks of 100% of the employees about software option for incoming document tracking.

Objective: Make receptionist satisfied in major occupation

KR1: Reduce number of complaints and negative feedback per month from 7 to 3.

KR2: Raise number of positive feedbacks per month from 5 to 10.

KR3: Increase end-user satisfaction rating from 4.0 to 4.5.


Objective: Raise internal employee engagement

KR1: Reach the average each of staff's satisfaction score at least 4.5 points.

KR2: Set up "Happy Friday" for employees with funny activities, such as small party, sharing presentation, etc. each 2 months.

KR3: Train 100% of the staff about OKR methodology by 30th August.

Objective: Be the company expert on the competitive on landscape

KR1: Attend 10 competitor webinars by January 2018.

KR2: Review top 5 competitor's websites 4 times by the end of January 2018.

KR3: Scout 5 candidates for support positions from top 5 competitors.


Objective: Boost the productivity of Customer Support team

KR1: Promote 2 customer supporters to higher position by the end of Q3.

KR2: Reduce the duplicating work by using Goalify to 75%.

KR3: Reduce the average ticket solving time to 20 minutes.

KR4: Recruit 6 more customer supporters to our team.

Objective: Increase customer satisfaction

KR1: Conduct a customer satisfaction survey with 100 main customers by September 1st.

KR2: Achieve the customer satisfaction score more than 90% for all request.

KR3: Conduct 60 phone reviews with customer.

Objective: Grow our staff's necessary skills

KR1: Conduct 2 training sessions for customer supporters by the end of Sep.

KR2: Send 5 team members to join in 3 external course regarding to CS.

KR3: Receive 10 team members' feedback every week through Goalify.

KR4: Attend 5 competitors' webinars by September 1st.

Objective: Improve satisfaction of other department s and customers with CS's work

KR1: Allow employees to take one day off besides weekend and holiday every month.

KR2: Decrease negative feedback and complaint to Customer service to 50%.

KR3: Halves the price of calling to customer service.


Objective: Redesign company's app

KR1: Increase the app download to 45%.

KR2: Test the app in 3 operating system.

KR3: Increase daily visitor up to 60%.

KR4: Launch the app by 1st August.

KR5: Reduce the loading time to 0.5 sec.

Objective: Support other departments' task

KR1: 1 poster, 2 banners, 1 bankroll for the upcoming workshop (July 30th).

KR2: 30 pictures for Facebook Company Page.

KR3: 2 new ebooks each 3 months.

KR4: 3 different themes for social network post with exact size for each network website.

Objective: Design website for new project

KR1: Sketch out 3 drafts for homepage and features site.

KR2: Launch out the 3 examples of the structure of website before July 4th.

KR3: Review the examples with 3 departments: BOD, Marketing, Sales.

Objective: Engage our department with others

KR1: Conduct 3 design training workshops for internal employees.

KR2: Plan 2 exhibitions for new project.

KR3: Carry out a survey to other departments about satisfaction with our department.

KR4: Ask for assignments from 5 departments every Friday afternoon.


Objective: Build a high performance engineering team

KR1: Recruit 10 fresh engineers by August 15th.

KR2: Develop knowledge and improve skills 100% of the engineer.

KR3: Review 100% of new engineers' performance by September 1st.

Objective: Develop quality of releases and guarantee that they are timely

KR1: Less than 5 majority bugs found in production.

KR2: Increase until test coverage to 75% from current 45%.

KR3: Engineering teams contribute 1500 code reviews by end of every sprint.

Objective: Design website for new project

KR1: Recruit 4 mobile developers.

KR2: Test and collect feedbacks for the new app in 5 internal departments.

KR3: Launch mobile application in App Store and Google Play by September 1st.

KR4: Reach 10.000 new users by the end of August.


Objective: Conduct IELTS learning session

KR1: Design 9 topics for 9-day course of IELTS Speaking.

KR2: Hire 3 foreign teachers for this session.

KR3: Conduct 2 trial tests during the course.

KR4: Invite 70% of the employee join in.

Objective: Conduct Code training session

KR1: Design 2 training course every month by the end of September.

KR2: Design annual internal technology conference with 10 topics.

KR3: Invite 80% of IT supporters and coders join in.

Objective: Conduct Marketing training session

KR1: Conduct 2 courses regarding to Digital Marketing for Salesperson.

KR2: Design 3 guidance ebooks for marketers.

KR3: Create example insight conducting session for marketers by the end of September.

Objective: Conduct Company culture training session

KR1: Gain the company culture test with the average score is 80.

KR2: Design monthly company culture class for newcomers.

KR3: Reward 3 employees who have the highest score in company culture test.

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