Goal / OKR - Objective and Key Results


Objectives and Key Results is a way of approach created for every member of an organization. This framework will help you and your organization (Corporation, SME, Startup, etc.) quarterly set and track your objectives along with measurable and timebound key results.


1. Set quarterly Goal

To share and align OKRs to other levels of the organization

2. Update process

To easily measure and visualize process

3. Track performance

For more accurate results and improvement during the process

4. Provide feedback

To motivate, improve performance and develop transparency

WHY use OKR?

OKR does not just happen to be applied in many industry-leading companies like Google, LinkedIn, Intel, etc., this is an effective method to set, track and measure every objective to improve company performance. OKR is a secret weapon for companies to improve and strengthen their organization.

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Setting and managing objectives

By applying OKR, you can easily create, manage and track company-wide, unit-level and individual objectives.
  • Entirely focus on the most priority missions.
  • Manage and communicate objectives without difficulty.
  • Observe and follow others’ process effortlessly.
  • Easily link related objectives.
  • Measure and give out feedback quickly.

Cascading company's top objectives

  • Arrange goals down to unit and individual level
  • Tightly control the process and its deadline.
  • Boost the external collaboration.
  • Limit the focus down to some most crucial objectives for each level.

Improve meeting’s efficiency

  • Always able to reach and measure real-time processes and their results.
  • Promptly capture in-danger objectives and minimize the effect.
  • Reduce useless meetings and emails which take lots of time to check and collect information.

Example OKRs

Running a department or working on a task without a defined objective is like shooting an arrow without any target.

Two common questions that I always receive when talking about OKR with clients are that: “is OKR method for Sales and Marketing team?” and “how to properly design a set of OKRs?”. To answer these questions, we’ve built up a library which includes several OKR examples for company and its 11 main departments, not just Sales or Marketing team.


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