Human Resource Management

People around you

With Goalify, people are the central of attention. You can easily seek for other peers’ information in directory session. With only 1 click, you will find out everything (including their personal information, objectives, etc.). Directly interacting and connecting through like and comment action is Goalify’s significant feature.

Data, reports, etc. are easily exported into spreadsheet form.

Employee Engagement

Goalify has combined two most engaging activities of Facebook and LinkedIn: Like and Endorsement to create Goalify’s Achievement feature. When an employee assists their peers or accomplish any objective, milestone related to company objectives and core values will receive the appraisal from their colleagues and managers, these activities are also published on Activity Stream as well as Leaderboard.

Achievement feature show an employee’s contributions to his/her colleagues or boss’s work. This will strengthen company’s internal engagement, encourage employees to effectively perform, dedicate and improve themselves based on company’s core values and objectives.

Every action performed in Achievement will be immediately and constantly updated on Activities Stream which is observed by the whole organization.

Company structure

Company structure displays the information of every department of your organization, department's members such as: managers, team leaders, members, etc.


We include a standard workflow for such process as leave employment, salary increment, personal information updating, professional development, etc. in Goalify. Whenever your employees request to access these information, notification will appear on Activity Stream.

Work Report

Two of the most time-consuming and unfavorable activity to employees is collecting data and writing reports.

Goalify helps you to compile the input to deliver such reports as: leave day report, monthly/quarterly payroll report, working process and activity report of individual, departments or the whole company.

Besides, there are also activity reminder and risk warner function featured in Goalify.

Users will weekly receive reports via email.

Access managment

People are only allowed to access personal data and information they are assigned to work with it, it’s also based on their position, their level. Admin view is designed different from normal user view. This helps admins easily perform any action and adjust information without difficulties.

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