Huyen Pham

We have good moments when using Social Networking Services (SNS), we are connecting, sharing and searching via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Those are the great things when embracing SNS, nevertheless, issues may raise too. People sometimes spend too much time on this activity and forget or sometimes ignore their real-life, current job, etc.

According to Marketing Tech, one person has more than 7 social network accounts at the same time and two-thirds of 1000 employees said that they often access social media while they’re at work. This leads to the fact that employee productivity and performance may decrease and not only the issue affects their work but also others’ when tasks are delayed or issues raise.

Many organizations, especially startups, deliver news, announcement, etc. through the social network. Good news is that companies do not have to pay the fee while they are fast and simple to use. Nevertheless, this do more harm than good, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are used to sharing various kinds of content like entertainment, politic, purchasing, marketing, etc. and many of them are not relevant to employee’s work.

Then where is the perfect place to public the news? Goalify suggests you apply an internal social media for your organization.

1. News is updated in real-time

Thanks to social sites designated for organizations/companies, employees do not have to access common SNS like Facebook, Twitter to collect information.

Contents on Facebook, for example, are mostly about food, fashion or other lifestyle information, shared by your friends, relatives, as a result, important news or announcement may not have a chance to appear on your newsfeed.

When using an internal social media for your own organization, you and your employees will receive notifications reminding information related to individuals or teams/departments.

Spam news, fake information or unrelated posts will not appear on the feed. Employees can focus more on the job, not continuously visit websites to websites.

News, an announcement from the company are not the only two pieces of information highlighted, your friends’ stories, sharing, activities are easily caught in the Activity Stream (a feature of Goalify) too.

Goalify feature OKR là gì

Image: Goalify Application.

2. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Most of the contents appeared on your internal platform will relate to the work. No more food recipes, cute pet clips or music videos, etc. are around your desktop and stop you from concentrate on the assignment.

On the other hand, when implementing platform based on OKR or KPI methodology like Goalify, staff are being reminded to complete their objectives and key results by notifications and newsfeed’s posts or various types of chart.

These charts will also assist you to estimate your and your employees’ progress, whether it is in a good state or you are running out of time.

3. Saving time used for onboarding

Managers or HR people do not have to worry about delivering company’s resources whenever there are newbies.

All the documents, spreadsheet, slides, etc. will be handed over from ex-employee to a brand-new person effortlessly. Company’s managers will no longer waste their precious time and money on training and onboarding new employees like Goalify has mentioned in The Art of Managing People.

4. People get connected

Besides many companies that realize the importance of an internal network inside their organization, some do not. Managers think that it is not worth to spend their time on this and implementing social network will make no change and no money. Harvard Business Publishing proves that they are wrong.

Productivity and performance are two important factors indicating the development of individuals and the whole organization. However, corporate culture and employee engagement are what bond the links between staff and strengthen company’s structure.

employee engagement okr internal social network

Image: APCO Worldwide.

A research shows that organizations adopting SNS own better employee and employer connection index. Featuring the interface and usage similar to an internal social media, you can interact and communicate with your colleagues, boss or team members without any difficulty. Furthermore, all the issues, problems raising alongside your work may easily be solved by your co-workers.

Besides, the Achievement function takes care of your employee engagement by giving applause if your employees/co-workers accomplish a mission which suits company’s core value. The recognition you give may boost staff productivity and also create a healthy competition among employees.

And rather than boosting employee performance, with some featured jobs such as Marketing, Sales, HR, Goalify is the perfect tool to share documents just with some clicks.

Nowadays, it is necessary to have a social networking tool inside the organization. Many industry-leading companies possessing strong team players will develop their own framework to communicate. Nonetheless, many others simply implement third-party software to connect, share news, engage people like Goalify Application. At the moment, Goalify is offering you 14-day free trial, click here to take a look.