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Every organization wants to be defined as successful and priceless but not all managers know the fact that this will not ever happen if their system is not operated professionally and seriously enough. Thus, just like an expensive watch, not only does its material need to coordinate smoothly together but departments, employees also have to assist and support each other. That’s when the company reached the highest productivity. As a result, “why?” is not the right question if there is something goes wrong, it is “where” the right one to point the weakness inside your system and now all you should patch that hole up. However, don’t just stay in your seat and wait for the storm to come, prevention is better than cure, we all know that. This article will give you 3 signs which foreshadowing the panic hiding within your organization so that you could avoid them as soon as possible.

1. Crazy busy

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Source: Medium.

ROI (Return On Investment) is the all-time important rate which frequently makes lots of CEO, managers, leaders, etc. worry about. This rate is the easiest sign to identify a considerable revenue and healthy business of the organization. That’s why many and many high position staff expect that their investments will always be effective, especially, the most invested resource - human. This may explain why the C-suite person has the belief that the more on the go the employee are, the more money has been made. No, it is not true!

Busyness is the result of too much work to do but most of the time if you’re able to plan your moves, 24 hours a day is still so long. However, instead of spending time on carry out a good strategy to solve the puzzle, people usually work on whatever work they meet or whatever issue that raises. On an article of Inc.com, Chris Matyszczyk shared his view that if you were working on a thousand tasks at a time, you are doing nothing! Every morning, you start your day with listing a bunch of tasks to do without any proper time-bound, defined result, etc. What you try to work on all day is finding a shortcut to complete the assignments but not always finish them (by finish, I mean working in-time with a good quality result). Then, you move on to other works and interrupt others’ schedule your undone work because they have to revise and finish your tasks. Then, nobody’s happy at all.

Therefore, no busyness is good for your team.

2. Poor communication

The second easiest way to find out if your department or team effectively collaborate with each other is observing the way they communicate. And effective communication means:

  • Trust is built up among teammates.
  • Employees are deeply engaged in their work.
  • A transparent working process exists in the office.
  • Staff are easily motivated through any communicating framework of your company (Skype, Goalify, Slack, etc.)
  • Employers know their employees perfectly well (like quickly recognize the trouble arising in the process, notice any unusual activity of the staff, etc.).

Other than that, poor interaction and communication may become a big obstacle which prevents the working process from going smoothly. In other words, progress will get stuck when delivered from employee to employee, this leads to procrastination and time-consuming in your organization.

3. Directionless

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Source: HR Memes.

“I don’t really understand why I should do this!”

How disappointed it is when being a leader and listening to all these words from your employees. However, you are still lucky when the staff is willing to admit that they are lost and don’t know what to do and why they have to work on it.

This is why many objectives are not achieved in-time and in good quality. A cloudiness vision will not only make employee working ineffectively but also bring up a mess for the whole organization, teams, departments up until you’re able to figure out the big and defined objective and its key results. Lack of communication also distracts our focus on company almighty, incredible, fantastic objectives. Furthermore, when people work individually, the communication stream is bad and you don’t have any tool to synchronize, the process will be overlapped.

Not only does lacking good direction mess up your working process, this issue also decreases the productivity when your employees are not motivated by a proper factor (such as key results) to finish their work.

If your teams, departments, etc. are bearing signs mentioned above, it’s time to carrying out some actions to change the way of organization. Several solutions to smash these issues out of your system are: working on an organizational change like Microsoft, Nokia, etc. did; rearranging the system, reducing middle managers, leaders; or the simplest way to improve your internal health is replacing the old management method with a new one like OKR (you can now try this out here), KPI methodology, etc.