Huyen Pham

Employee engagement is not a one-way process that you always have to mind your employee’s activities or satisfy them, instead, if you want the engagement between employee and the organization to be tighter, you need your members to join in too. If the recent report showed that your employees are getting bored and tired of their job, don’t solve the problem by your own, help them to motivate themselves. Here are 4 tips you could recommend your team and ask them to follow to be somehow more delightful at work.

1. Learn new things

learn new things

Remember it doesn’t have to be related to their work/task. They must be so tired of their work already! Just encouraging your staff to develop themselves (physically or/and mentally) by taking their favorite courses like: cooking class, knitting class, gym class, etc. And after every course, they, besides, could come back to work happily and also, bring new knowledge to their co-workers. At Goalify, we weekly conduct a “Friday Sharing” session, this does not exclusively entertain the speaker, it’s one of the activities that help strengthen the employee circle.

2. Take vacation

take a vacation

Offer some time for your employee to enjoy themselves with family or peers on a vacation will help them a lot when they’re back to work. It brings about many positive effects like improving health (going on a vacation could reduce the risk of soon death by 20%, according to State University of New York), your staff will be more creative, they will be able to reduce their stress, and eventually, employees will be more happier than those who don’t take any.

A research by Jeroen Nawjin, Erasmus University has shown that this happiness happens due to the expectation for the trip as well as the excitement lasting afterwards. The author also pointed out this will greatly affect you if you take 2 or 3 short trips rather than 1 long vacation every year.

3. Ask for the feedback on work

ask for feedback

Is it common that your colleagues never or rarely give any comments on others’ work no matter they are negative or positive words? You - as a manager should change this habit. Receiving feedback somehow helps employees to improve their progress, they could learn where are the issues and how to fix them. On the other hand, when earning good comments, the whole organization or team could acknowledge this staff’s achievement (the only condition is that your system has transparency), happiness and pride must be what they feel about the activities.

In our application - Goalify, we’ve designed a session called “Achievement” where the employees could receive the appraisal from colleagues/managers/executives or staff could anonymously give feedback to any member of the organization.

4. Acknowledge their working process

OKR working process

Without a good plan for what we are doing, it possibly causes stress at work when every morning your employee arrives at the office desk and is not so sure about what she/he should do during the day. They start listing out all the tasks just to fill up their timetable, even the smallest stuff. Their work will begin to be overload and sometimes, they cannot recognize which are the most priority tasks to finish first.

The matter could be solved by applying some working management method like OKR (Objectives and Key Results). This methodology limits your goals into 3 to 4 each quarter and helps you to break these goal into 4 to 5 defined and measurable key results.

By implementing this framework, your staff will be able to track and easily decide what to focus on, the anxiety will be reduced considerably.