Phuong Ho

Hiring a good employee, who has a good skill-set and long senior, is extremely difficult. Moreover, retention him or her in your organization is more difficult to do. In our opinion, many managers and leaders always face with the recruitment the good one for our business firstly. And then, after inviting this person to company successfully, within 2-3 years from this milestone, we continue to face with the fact that this person could leave our organization. It’s easy to understand this problem, it seems that “He or she had received a fantastic offer with another awesome occupation with the higher income.”, or we used to heard that “Nobody stays in a company too long”.

According to many researches regarding to Human Resources, which Goalify has referenced, this is actually the normal periodical resignation of employees in a business. But, Goalify affirms that the main reason for leaving job of employees is exactly the misunderstanding of the high-level person about the staff’s insight. Therefore, neither can the employees create their own motivation nor feel satisfied with their position in company. Demanding motivates them to discover interest and potential positions that may appear in another organization. There is a question “Why should I continue to contribute in your company?”, it is not only for Human Resources Manager but also the other teams’ leaders and managers. In this article, Goalify is going to share with you three primary factors impacting definitely on a job satisfaction of an employee. They are the core interests, the compensation, and the employee engagement.

1. The core interests

There are not hobbies in free time, such as reading books, listening to your favourite musics, travelling… Or, the core interests are not the enthusiasms of employees in many difficult fields, including the knowledge of stock market, oceanography, global history… Actually, the core interest is a combination of long–term inclination and individual passion. Besides that, it is emotionally driven, Goalify would like to show you the core interests are blended by the two ingredients, they are inside demanding, expectation and outside attractions.

The core interests do not clearly define about employee’s major abilities, they just assist members in recognizing the differences between careers and careers, which are satisfied with them and raise their employees’ happiness. Especially, this happiness transforms to an employee engagement with organization and their commitment with effectivenesses in the working process. Moreover, not only does it tighten the relationship between company and whole staff as well as among employees with each other, but it also keeps their stable enthusiasm in occupation. Its signification is to cut “jumping job” down to a minimum.

Retaining and motivating the core interests of employees perfectly are the same meaning with keeping our talent staff stay longer. According to “Job Sculpting: The Art of Retaining Your Best People” - the research of Timothy Bulter and James Waldroop on Harvard Business Review site, there are eight core interests drawing out career paths for people

  • Application of Technology
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking
  • Creative Production
  • Counseling and Mentoring
  • Managing People and Relationships
  • Enterprise Control
  • Influence Through Language and Ideas.

Goalify would like to give you some fantastic combinations between these core interests, in order to support your staff to prove their abilities and help them to feel comfortable and satisfied with their current position.

  • “Managing People and Relationships” and “Enterprise Control”: these factors are suitable for many members, who would like to manage their own workload and are in a small team. Although this is a challenge, it’s not a pressure for them, because they are satisfied with their interests and demanding, that is to manage and guide their members into the right direction.
  • “Enterprise Control” and “Counseling and Mentoring”: Many professors always possess this combination in their mindset. They have critical and logical thinking to collect original ideas and convert them to the final option for the whole team. As a result, their abilities and the project management skill match well. Especially, they adapt and work in a communication environment effectively. In addition, these members are also fond of becoming a HR manager in an organization.
  • “Quantitative Analysis” and “Enterprise Control”: This combination directs many members to participate in finance field and some relevant occupations. Besides that, they can figure out various joys of their careers, when they have achieved their ambitious goals perfectly.
  • “Enterprise Control” and “Influence Through Language and Ideas” : People, who are fond of trading or purchasing, have a trendy in regarding to the combination of these two core interests (Many members possess “Managing People and Relationships” are also like trading or purchasing). The co-ordination between these core interests is figured out popularly in plenty of leaders and managers, especially many famous people.
  • “Application and Technology” and “Managing people and Relationships”: Engineers, Computer Scientist or technology professors have this combined core interests. Their most favourite activity is to manage a team like their principal abilities.
  • “Creative Production” and “Enterprise Control”: This is the main factor of busisnessmen, they always want to guide and begin everything in their own projects. “Please pass me a football, I’m going to hit it to goal”.

Goalify would like to apply this useful knowledge to you, in order to define the right delivery position for your employees, following one’s core interest. It assists them in improving their own abilities effectively. Besides that, they are able to feel satisfied and comfortable with their current positions.

2. What is the most necessary factor for retaining employees? – Is it compensation?

This is not a simple question to answer “Yes or No”. It depends on various factors, which belong to employees’ insights. This question have the same meaning with “Does the wage dispose of staff’s loyalty?”. After researching and collecting knowledges of diverse sources, Goalify affirms that the answer is no. This answer is opposite to most of leaders and managers’ thoughts, because they think it’s salary is the main reason why employees leave a company .

In Goalify’s opinion, salary might be crucial to young people, but this is not the case for senior staff, who have achieved a high level of education and experience. This is not well-perceived. Therefore, once they decide to resign, they will make us shocked as we are aware of their effectiveness and contribution compared to others.

According to a report of Daniel Kahneman and Angus on Next Gen site, employee’s satisfaction level increases when their salary is raised up to 75000 USD and above, and then this satisfaction level will be saturated. It also shows that the wage does not impact totally on the retention of staff. Following Goalify, when employees reach for the rainbow salary, they are going to recognize that salary is not enough, but spirit of career, inspiration, awareness are also needed to boost their enthusiasm.

3. The interaction between leaders and staff

Goalify asks you one more question: How do you avoid making your employees unsatisfied in their career? The best solution for this question is that leaders have to figure out the problem of employees by interacting. Every difficulty needs to be resolved perfectly, we are going to understand staff’s insights. Not only is it the most meaningful in tightening the gap between managers and employers, but it also assists you in working smoothly and reaching ambitious goals easier.

According to OKR methodology, employee engagement is exactly one of three major conditions, which determine to achieve aspiration objectives successfully. Uniting members in the organization helps you to solve most of the problem and difficulty in the working process, your business’s ambitious goals are going to be reached easily by union. There is an important thing that leaders and managers have to know how to motivate the employee’s spirit, because humans are the most valuable resource.

There are three core factors Goalify would like to share to you, in order to improve your human’s management skills and implement exactly the OKR methodology in organization. With Goalify, move while your members into the right direction to achieve many big goals!