GoalifyAccelerating focus, growth, and unity.

Company productivity is directly proportional with employee performance and their engagement. Goal-oriented process makes yours a successful organization.

How could Goalify add value into your organization to grow your business and unite people?

With 3 major methods of approaching - OKR goal-setting, agile human resources managing and company culture emphasizing - in terms of social network interface design, Goalify offers you a 3-in-1 SaaS product to make the best of your resouces and achieve the best results.

Achieve high performance

Release your team from daily manual tasks which consume a lot of time. Accelerate performance by driving the focus on works that matter and contributes the most to the top priorities.

Align your people for better goal-focusing

Align your team objectives with company’s primary goals. Get every goal and key result be in the same line with company vision.

Grow your business

Make the most of the defined results by continuously tracking and improving the progress; identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and risks to be proactive, not reactive.

Bond the company culture & engagement

Enhance the communication stream inside and outside the organization. Improve the engagement with Goalify social network interface.

Why Goalify?

Goalify is a 3-in-1 SaaS product designed for various scales of organization to solve problems and issues in goal-setting, human resources management and fostering company culture.
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Connects the Employee

Goalify connect your employee to the company core value, top priorities and align to your company’s mission. This impact to your employees’ performance and your company’s results.


Everyone know their own goal with clear defined results. There is no more grey area when your employee’s unsure what is the expecting outcome.

Experience & Learning

With real-time tracking and measuring, Goalify offer your company faster experiment for learning and improving the process, driving better results.

Increase the focus

Boots the focus of team, the whole organization while focuses on the few things that matter most.

Improve performance

With real-time tracking and measuring, Goalify offer your company faster experiment for learning and improving the process, driving better results.

Transparency - Clear the cloudiness

Goalify bring out the transparency to your team, company. Everyone objective is visible in company wide. Everyone can see what is the other are working on and this help to drives more collaboration and better performance.

Why NOW?

Every organization loves to develop its system to boost the results as much as possible. And the fastest way to increase company’s performance is improving employee productivity and bonding their engagement. However, many employee management methods have gradually become impractical since there are a lot changes in demography; more and more employees work from home or work abroad; and organizations must apply agility in its system to quickly react with the changes of business requirement. These obstacles undoubtedly keep us from managing employee performance effectively and efficiently.
Not only could Goalify help you improve the results but also boosts employee productivity and makes yours a stronger, bigger and better company for every employee and customer.
Enjoy the way you work & collaborate with 3-in-1 platform

Social network

HR management


Culture engagement

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”
- Albert Einstein -

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